How do nicotine salt e-liquids compare to other smoking

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Low wattage devices vs High wattage devices The devices used for nicotine salts are different than what you normally see with vapers blowing huge vape clouds.
Nicotine salts are not recommended for sub-ohm high-powered devices because of the higher nicotine levels in nic salts.Nicotine salts use high nicotine strengths such as 50 mg nicotine levels compared to the usual 3 or 6 mg in regular e-juices. Low wattage devices are perfect for nicotine salt because you don�t need to consume as much vapor to get the same amount of nicotine in a high powered device.

Just to note, it is highly recommended to avoid using nicotine salts in high-powered devices or sub-ohms to prevent excessive nicotine consumption.
There are two kinds of low wattage devices that are available on the market:Open System: Manually refillable by buying nicotine salt e-liquids in various nicotine strengths and bottle sizesClosed System: Refill nicotine salt e-juices by buying cartridges/pods that usually come in packs of 4 in various nicotine levels
Open Systems vs Closed Systems Nicotine Salt Devices ARE NICOTINE SALTS A GOOD FIT FOR YOU?
Now that we got a brief overview of what nicotine salt can do for you, you might want to consider if nicotine salt may be a better option for you.

The important thing to consider here is that nicotine salts come in high nicotine strengths. If you are satisfied with what you are using currently, then there is no reason to switch to nicotine salts.
If Candy King on Salts meet all of the requirements above, then nicotine salts can possibly be for you. Vaping nicotine salts can help you with your nicotine cravings by giving you a sufficient amount of nicotine as well as providing you with a comfortable throat hit at higher doses.

According to PAX labs, nicotine salt works better at delivering nicotine in your bloodstream than regular vape juices and it would arguably provide a better vaping experience for those who are fresh off the cigarettes.What you will notice with nicotine salt is that you will instantly feel the nicotine rush which helps curb your cravings faster. The buzz you get from vaping nicotine salts will be similar to smoking a cigarette and the vapor filling your lungs closely resembles smoke filling your lungs. Lastly, nicotine salt devices are very user-friendly. With the advancements in vaping technology in the past several years, it can be a bit of a time suck to figure out how it all works.Most of the low wattage devices are autofire meaning that you only get vapor when you inhale.