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Yes! Translate that into lost sales: If , are not delivered to the inbox, and you typically have a conversion rate of let s say percent and an average purchase price of $ , that s $ , in revenue that you re not earning! All the countless hours you ve spent on building your list, designing your emails, crafting your message, refining your subject lines, optimizing your landing pages it s all for naught when emails don t get into the inbox.

Why Email Deliverability Is Hard If you re not getting percent of your emails into recipients inboxes, it s not a reflection on you as a digital marketer. It s simply that email marketing deliverability is hard. Think about all of the obstacles you must overcome, for one thing: You need a valid email address. Your email has to get to past the ISP, webmail provider or corporate email filter. Then you must get it past the recipient s spam filter.

Then avoid the junk mail folder. Once it gets into the recipient s inbox, the recipient needs to engage with the email. That s a long list of formidable challenges! But they can be overcome by adhering to email deliverability best practices and making that deliverability effort something you regularly pay attention to. Email Deliverability Best Practices Improving email deliverability is not a one-time endeavor, but an ongoing process, and one that ideally starts at the very beginning. But even if you have email deliverability issues already, you can make the situation better.

These six best practices will help: Warm up your new IP address: Jumping right in with a new ESP is one of the biggest mistakes marketers make. When you switch ESPs and get a new dedicated IP address, the ISPs don t know who you are. Your email sender reputation got left behind with your old IP address. If you start sending to everyone on your list without building your new reputation first, ISPs will assume you re a spammer because that s what a spammer does. Warm up that CBT Bulk Email Sender , by sending emails in small batches, establishing a good sending reputation, and gradually ramping up until you re sending to your whole list.