Things To Watch For When Shipping A Lowrider Vehicle

Wednesday , 17, March 2021 Comments Off on Things To Watch For When Shipping A Lowrider Vehicle

Are you rocking a fancy lowrider that catches eyes and gets compliments whenever you’re cruising around? Well, that’s awesome, but there’s a slight drawback with a low ground clearance vehicle – they don’t go well with inclines.

That’s exactly why you need to be very careful when getting car transport for your lowrider; your ride can get damaged while loading/unloading if you don’t do it the right way.

This guide will talk about why that is a problem, what’s required for a smooth experience and how you can achieve it, so let’s roll:

The Problem in Loading Lowrider into a Standard Trailer:

There’s nothing wrong with your car; it’s just that having low ground clearance makes it vulnerable to getting damaged when climbing up inclines.

With the car transport service, the process starts with your car being loaded onto the trailer that carries it to the destination. In order to load it, typically, a ramp is used that the car climbs up and goes onto its spot.

With lowrider vehicles, climbing up ramps can be a big problem. Depending on how high the body is, its bumper and even front grille can smash right into the ramp and rip into pieces immediately.

The Requirements for Loading Lowrider:

You may have never imagined worrying about the low ground clearance of your car when shipping it – but that’s a genuine problem. You need to measure its ground clearance to assess if it’s okay for it to go via ramp or something else needs to be done. But how do to measure it? Well, it’s pretty simple.

Just take a measuring tape, find your car’s lowest point, which can be the front bumper, side skirts, or exhaust, and measure its distance from the ground. Now you may ask, what does it have to do with car shipping? Well, that’s because knowing the ground clearance helps you find out how high your car needs to be to load onto a truck.

Most of the car transport trucks require the vehicle to have 15cm of ground clearance for smooth loading. Something way less than that would require a special truck with hydraulic lifts.

The Top Three Solution For Safely Loading Your Lowrider:

There are a few solutions for this problem, and depending on your situation; you can go with any of them. Let’s take a gander at them:

Raise the Car:

If possible, raise your vehicle to meet the 15cm ground clearance mark. You can do this by adding bigger tires to the car that’ll lift its body up.

Or, you can also raise suspension. If there are modifications like magnetic ride control, Coilover springs or air ride, then you can easily raise the suspension.

Some vehicles also have modes that raise the car specifically for transportation.

Remove Body Kits:

You can also remove the body kits your car may have installed. These kits change your car’s exterior and make some of its areas lower that were once high.

If there’s a front splitter, then it can increase the distance between your car’s frontmost point and front tires, causing its bumper to collide with the ramp before the tires are even on it.

So if you can remove such sections, you might get enough height to safely load the car onto the trailer.

Get Enclosed Shipping:

If for some reason, you’re unable to go with the above two options, the simplest way to get car transport service for your lowrider is getting enclosed shipping.

In enclosed transport, a special kind of truck is used that comes with a hydraulic lift gate mainly because most of the sports/supercars also have low ground clearance.

So the hydraulic lift gate loads them into the container. Your lowrider can benefit from this service as well.

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